Watch These 5 Videos To Learn How To Set Up Job Costing in QuickBooks... the Right Way

  • Stop the hours of headaches and frustration trying to set up QuickBooks on your own
  • Feel confident that your reports are accurate ... and can help you make the right decisions!
  • Ditch the extra work and mess of spreadsheets and get it all done right in QuickBooks!

“Hi, I’m Penny Lane. Thousands of people have learned how to make Job Costing in QuickBooks work for their construction business with my videos, and I’d love to share them with you too”

Stop Your Pain and Frustration and Get Accurate Reports: Sign up now to get my Free Job Costing in QuickBooks Video Series.  Here's What you will get:

  • Video 1: My Top 5 Job Costing Reports – Learn how these reports provide valuable insights that can lead to smarter, more profitable business decisions.  
  • Video 2: All About Items- The Foundation of Your Job-Costing System – Understand the role these play and how to avoid the #1 mistake almost everyone makes when trying to set up their job costing system on their own that creates accounting chaos.  I'll show you exactly how to set up your cost codes as items in QuickBooks. 
  • Video 3-5: Transactions in Action – Learn how to post transactions with your items in a way that will result in accurate and awesome accounting and reports.  I'll show you how to post your costs and create different types of invoices.