Take QuickBooks Desktop Online with Qbox

QuickBooks Desktop Online? You heard correctly – there is a nifty program called Qbox that allows you to remotely access your QuickBooks data without paying the high cost of “hosting”. In fact, Qbox is about 25% the cost of having your QuickBooks file hosted. For many businesses, QuickBooks Online just isn’t robust enough for their…

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QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

No question – Intuit is pushing QuickBooks Online – aggressively.  Intuit is investing heavily in developing QuickBooks Online development, as evidenced by their online presence, sales team, and even two different focus groups I attended at the Sleeter Conference in November of 2015: The developer team for QuickBooks Desktop – Just a few developers, brilliant,…

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Top 5 Reasons I love TSheets for Contractors

Top 5 Reasons I Love TSheets Time Tracking for Contractors There are quite a few time tracking applications out there, here’s why TSheets is my hands-down favorite: #1 – Amazing Customer Service!  Truth is, every software has a “learning curve”.  For me, the time and frustration involved in learning something new can be a deal-breaker.…

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My Top 5 Job Costing Reports in QuickBooks Desktop

My Top 5 Job-Costing Reports in QuickBooks Desktop As a Contractor, nothing is more unsettling than not knowing how whether you are making or losing money on your jobs and knowing where you went right – or wrong – on your bid. I once had a client exclaim in distress that HE paid for his…

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The End of Time Sheet Data Entry Madness

There’s no way around it: Job-Costing your labor in QuickBooks equals time tracking by job and task (item).  I don’t know about you, but I dread entering those weekly time sheets into QuickBooks!  It takes forever, and no matter how well I have the time sheets laid out, it’s just a pain. Plus, I am…

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