All the Ways to Get Paid: Invoicing for Projects With QuickBooks Online

Are your books a mess? When it comes to QuickBooks Online, even running basic reports can leave you feeling frustrated, stuck, and unsure where to turn for answers. You need accurate numbers at your fingertips to make critical decisions — and precise job costing reports so you can bid jobs confidently and successfully to grow…

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Getting Started: Setting Up Projects in QuickBooks Online

If you’ve tried setting up Quickbooks Online “out-of-the-box” — you’re likely very frustrated, right? Well, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. It’s no secret that QBO has a steep learning curve, with very specific settings, workarounds, and tips you need to know to make QBO work for you. If you’re a bookkeeper for…

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The Basics of Getting Around in QuickBooks Desktop: Home Screen and Navigation

Ready to learn the basics of navigating the QuickBooks Desktop — and stop feeling frustrated as you waste more time? It’s very tough to dive right in and feel completely comfortable navigating QuickBooks Desktop — I remember giving that a try years ago when I was first getting started… and it didn’t go so well.…

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Charts of Accounts: Getting Familiar With The Backbone of Your Accounting System

Are you ready to feel completely at home using the chart of accounts in QuickBooks Desktop? It’s essential to get comfortable with the chart of accounts — it’s no less than the backbone of your accounting system.  Chart of accounts is a complete list of categories for tracking your financial information. QuickBooks uses this list…

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QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop — Which Is Best For You?

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop — which is best for contractors? I have a confession to make: I love them both!  I’m passionate about helping bookkeepers, contractors — and those who find themselves acting as bookkeepers — get the reports and numbers they need out of QuickBooks so they can make smart decisions. Keep on…

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